Turning Point FACIALs 

For the French beautician, skincare is the first line of skin health. Treating the skin as a measure of health before beauty, Turning Point spa offers an quintessential French experience that creates a long lasting and healthy skin ecosystem. It’s a style of skincare that doesn’t torture the skin, but nourishes it with essential vitamins, elegant rituals, and medical grade products. In addition to unique products and state-of-the-art technology, our focus is on offering skincare that gives vitality and balance to your body and your soul.

la peau: An INtroductory facial

Really get to know your skin with your first appointment at Turning Point Spa with a half hour skin analysis with Laurence that addresses the true health of your skin for the most optimum ongoing treatment. Your treatment then moves into a customized 60 min facial that you won’t soon forget.

90 min — $200

Vitamin Infusion Facial

To restore radiance. This superb treatment delivers nutrients to the skin with technology to improve the signs of environmental damage from the sun, pollution and stress. Powerful vitamin A and C help to reestablish the look of clarity and firmness and help guard against further damage. Skin appears brighter, smoother and more youthful.

60 min — $150

Contour & lift facial

Commonly named the non-surgical face lift, the Contour & Lift Facial has many benefits to the skin. There are 32 different muscles of the face that are manipulated during this micro currant facial treatment that improve muscle tone, produce penetration, and improve elasticity.  

60 min — $150 | 90 min — $225 | 120 min — $300


Lymphatic Drainage is a technique which uses light strokes or pumping motion along the lymphatic vessels and surrounding tissues to remove toxins, stimulate circulation, and cleanse the tissues. This technique helps reduce swelling and aid in detoxification—helping to detoxify the body by increasing the flow of cellular fluids through the lymphatic system.

60 min — $120 | 90 min — $160

Holistic Skin Therapy

The hectic nature of a modern lifestyle can be stressful on our bodies and skin. The environment and many other health conditions can affect skin function, leaving it vulnerable and devitalized. De La Terre Skincare products and therapies provide a unique holistic approach that improves the appearance of skin with pure herbal compounds that gently shift skin into nutritional balance, where repair and healing take place.

60 min — $125 | 90 min — $180

shankara Ayurvedic Facial

Through the fusion of Western science and the ageless wisdom of traditional Ayurveda, Shankara products blend pure formulations to dynamically repair and regenerate the skin. This customized facial treatment nourishes your skin and brings harmony to the doshas, supporting and encouraging your innate beauty.

90 min — $170

Age Defying Peel

The next generation of skin care. This highly effective peel soothes, softens and brightens the complexion and is designated to address and correct hyper pigmentation and uneven ski tone with the aid of DF technology. Vitamins and antioxidants boost brightness, combat discoloration and dark spots while repairing collagen and elastin. Skin cellular health is improved and radiance is revealed.

90 min — $225

Add ons

Omnilux PHOTOTHERAPY Treatment

The gold-standard in non-thermal phototherapy skin treatment, Omnilux is an advanced dermatology tool used for skin rejuvenation. Used to treat a wide variety of skin conditions—from sun damage to even some skin cancers—Omnilux uses narrow band wavelength light to naturally stimulate skin tissue regeneration. This encourages skin cells to produce more collagen to firm the skin, reduce fine wrinkles, and naturally repair damage. Be sure to schedule a series Omnilux treatments for best results.

A La Carte — $60 | Added on to any treatment — $50 | Or book a series of 5-8 and receive a discount on the package